The Battle Between Technical Skills & Communication

A recent publication in Dagens Næringsliv a Norwegian newspaper that focuses on economics, business, and politics captures the importance of effective communication, showing that expertise can only go so far.   

"When meeting with students studying economy it is not their lack of technical skills that are worrying. It is rather their limited ability to express -in words- an understandable economic reasoning."

- Olav Kvaløy, professor in economy. Handelshøgskolen ved Universitetet I Stavanger and NHH. 



If you are like most technical professionals, your communication, whether written or verbal, are filled with lots of technical jargon and pseudo codes to communicate meaning in the most efficient way possible. And that is great when you are talking with other technical professionals. But what happens when you're talking to nontechnical professionals? That's where problems can arise. 

Communication is a key driver when getting a message, vision, or idea through to an audience. To be able to communicate and interpret the "big picture" across multiple discplines, teams, and environments can be a challenge. To be able to express ideas in a clear and compelling manner, you must adjust your language and communication styles to capture the attention of diverse audiences.