to retaliate / retaliation / retaliating

to do a harmful action to someone or some organization because they harmed you first.

retaliate (against somebody/something) They retaliated when the government cut off their water supply.

retaliate (by doing something/with something)  The manager over looked him for the promotion and he retaliated by tipping off the press about a company secret. 

retaliation   The retaliation of the rebel fighters was short and bloody.

retaliating  Before retaliating, perhaps you should think of future consequences your actions may have.

Others sound less certain. Mr Carter notes—with tact—that retaliating against a foreign attack is the standing policy of the North Korean armed forces. “If the US and South Korea decided to initiate a strike, we would have to make sure that we were thoroughly prepared for a full-on conflict,” he says.  from