8 03, 2018

Words in the news

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to retaliate / retaliation / retaliating to do a harmful action to someone or some organization because they harmed you first. retaliate (against somebody/something) They retaliated when the government cut off their water supply. retaliate (by doing something/with something)  The manager over looked him for the promotion and he retaliated by tipping off the press about [...]

5 03, 2018

Weekly Business Phrase

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to go through the roof = to increase very quickly or to react with extreme emotion Petrol prices have gone through the roof this week. When I told them I was leaving the company, they went through the roof.  (got angry)       Every week we add a business phrase to help you [...]

27 02, 2018

Weekly Business Phrase

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by the book = to follow the rules exactly The accounts have to do everything by the book because we are audited every second year. He’s very creative.  However, he doesn’t always do things by the book. Every week we add a business phrase to help you expand your knowledge.