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In the latest fiasco, it emerged that in 2013 an academic in Britain built a questionnaire app for Facebook users, which 270,000 people answered. NYT Fiasco is a word from my childhood. I enjoyed the word, because it had a very strong meaning - a complete (usually humiliating) failure - but it was not [...]

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Words in the News

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After months of talk about propaganda and fake news, politicians in Europe and, increasingly, America see Facebook as out of control and in denial. Congress wants him to testify. Expect a roasting.  (Economist, 22 March, 2018) Many words in English have two completely different meanings - take roast for example. While it can be [...]

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Words in the News

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A severe case of “truth decay” ‘Truth decay’ literally means the decay (gradual loss) of  truth.  ‘Truth decay’ is also a play on words with the phrase, ‘tooth decay’ meaning cavities or ‘rotting’ teeth.  Because of the negative image of rotting teeth and painful visits to the dentist, the headline is more powerful and [...]

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Kommunikasjon kan læres

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«Dagens Næringsliv hadde en interessant artikkel lørdag 3. mars: «Følelser har fortsatt et omdømmeproblem» i næringslivet. Artikkelen inneholdt blant annet en liste over egenskaper som blir viktige i fremtiden med referanse til OECD «Skills Project» For mange ligger flere av disse egenskapene latent, for andre er dette egenskaper som må læres. Hvis vi tar [...]

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Words in the news

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to retaliate / retaliation / retaliating to do a harmful action to someone or some organization because they harmed you first. retaliate (against somebody/something) They retaliated when the government cut off their water supply. retaliate (by doing something/with something)  The manager over looked him for the promotion and he retaliated by tipping off the press about [...]

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